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Cabinet finishes are a great way to personalize your kitchen. Manufactured wood doors and drawer fronts are available unfinished or with a factory-applied finish. Semi-custom cabinetry offers a wide selection of finishes and paint colors, which are typically baked on. Custom finishes are usually hand applied or rolled and topped with a varnish.

While unfinished cabinets are somewhat less expensive, the cost of labor to prep and paint them can easily offset savings. Stains come in a variety of pigments, allowing the wood’s natural grain to show.

A glaze is a semi-transparent wash of color applied over a paint to add dimension and depth. Glazes offer heavier contrast and less consistency. Glazes appear darker in the crevices, highlighting detailing. It’s like putting an ink pen to it. Also a beautiful Brayco stainless steel table nz and other amazing furniture.

Antiqued patinas are hand-rubbed for added character, allowing cabinetry to appear well beyond its years. Cabinets may be distressed through a variety of techniques, which score the wood’s surface to add age and a weathered rustic patina. Paint has a heavy pigment that does not show the wood’s grain.

When doing kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovations is better to choose a timeless paint or finish and consider its impact as part of the whole design. Over time, you’ll likely tire of anything too bold or distracting. Have a sample door finished first to compare against other design elements. Live with it for a few days before finalizing your decisions.

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